Valais Blacknose Sheep

Yes, they are here – in the United States in 2017 and at our farm in 2022! We couldn’t be more excited!! We became intrigued by this amazing breed a few years ago, as they made their entrance into to US as “The Cutest Sheep In The World” but we found that they are so much more. The Valais Blacknose Sheep (VBS) originate in Switzerland, where their uses include wool and meat. In the US and on our farm, we can now enjoy their beautiful wool as we soak up their fascinating, pet-like personalities.

There are currently no imports of the VBS from other countries into the US. This breed is being established through a breed up or upgrade program, with the use of imported semen and embryos. We were very fortunate to start our Valais flock with two Gotland foundation ewes, three F1 (50%) Valais Blacknose maiden ewes and one F2 (75%) ewe lamb in July 2022. We are working our way towards a purebred Valais Blacknose flock as we utilize the use of embryos and semen to increase the percentage of VB genetics with each lambing. As with our Katahdin flock, we take great care to provide all of our sheep with a safe, healthy environment to live in. This breed needs shearing twice a year, unlike our Katahdins that shed their hair coat naturally each year.

We are learning so much in our journey with the Valais Blacknose breed, as this is all so different from our Katahdins. This is another reason we started our Valais flock ~ to become part of the unique story of their genetic progress in our country and to promote the beautiful Valais Blacknose sheep breed. Our goal is to establish a flock that exhibits structural and phenotypical correctness as well as the delightful personality of the Valais Blacknose breed. This can be accomplished with careful selection of top genetics. We were ecstatic to have our very own Valais Blacknose lambs born on the farm March 2023! We are already making plans for the next of many more lambing groups so stay tuned!!

We are very excited to introduce our first purebred ram CCF0031 KLONDIKE to the flock in the fall of 2023! CCF0031 Klondike was born in March 2023 and his genetics include Prendwick Basil, Highland King Kong and Highland Bubbles – to name a few. We welcome Klondike and anxiously await his first lambs here in the spring 2024.

We are proud to be members of the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society, Valais Blacknose Sheep Association of North America
and the Pennsylvania Sheep and Wool Growers. These are excellent organizations and we value their great resources for raising our sheep. Check out our resource page for more information.


Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook as our flock grows and lambs are born. These sheep are a very popular breed and demand is great. As lambs become available, we will add them to our website and Facebook page.

Fall in love with this delightful, gentle giant breed ~ the VALAIS BLACKNOSE SHEEP.

For Sale

  • FANCY ~ BSP23020
    DOB:03/17/2023 F2 EWE
    Twin Born/Raised
    VBSS Recorded

  • OLIVIA ~ BSP23022
    DOB: 03/17/2023 F1 Ewe
    Triplet Born/Raised
    VBSS Recorded
    “Spitti” Markings

  • OPAL ~ BSP22023
    DOB: 03/17/2023 F1 Ewe
    Triplet Born/Raised
    VBSS Recorded