Welcome to Phillips Family Farmstead of Pennsylvania. Our farmstead journey began in 2008. After settling into our new farm in southwestern Pennsylvania, we started our Katahdin flock. Our goal: to raise healthy Katahdins that exhibit all the naturally low-maintenance traits of their breed. Using Genomic-enhanced Estimated Breeding Values (GEBV”s) through NSIP as one of our evaluation tools, we select and breed for fast-growing, heavy muscled lambs. This allows us to market a premium, locally raised meat lamb and prolific breeding stock.

In 2022, we made an exciting announcement ~ the addition of Valais Blacknose Sheep to our farmstead!! We have followed this breed for some time and find them to be a truly unique and very personable breed. The VBS breed originates in Switzerland where they are a dual-purpose breed, used for meat and wool. The introduction of the Valais Blacknose Sheep into the United States began with an upgrading program in 2017. We have joined the upgrade program by establishing a flock that will meet breed standards with careful selection of imported embryos and semen from top genetics. We enjoy spending time daily with these sheep and they look forward to their back and chin scratches. We are researching the many possibilities available to enjoy and use their beautiful wool. We feel very fortunate to have this rare, yet charming sheep breed here!

As with most farmsteads, we prefer to provide much of our own food sources like lamb, beef and pork for the freezer, vegetables that are canned and fresh eggs. “Well rooted to provide for our family and yours ~ naturally, locally, wholesomely.”